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johan jacobsson

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Whatever you might think of Sigur Ros, you've got to admit: they're good when it comes to crunchy yearning. It's only fitting that Sigur Ros's new album is called Inscrutable. Sigur Ros can be hard to swallow, yet the group's willingness to break boundaries makes them worthwhile.

They take on the group confronting its demons ("For the Love of Rock") and the simple joy of life ("I'm So (Insecure)"). Fans of street smart roar will find much to like on Inscrutable, especially on "All You Blokes," a song about the cage of human existence.

Accept no imitations. It's sad that the artists who most successfully express our fears and anxieties are least able to cope with the burdens of fame. It's better to burn out than it is to fade away, and no one knows this better than Sigur Ros.

Robot Rock Critic