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johan jacobsson

Monday, August 16, 2004

Defamer: Monday Morning Box Office: AVP Spins Reality Into Meaninglessness And Chaos: "If you will allow us to abuse the tired (but inexplicably popular) 'Vs.' theme, AVP box office results were Everything We Thought We Knew About Life Vs. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore. Looking at the numbers, Nothing Makes Sense Anymore really beat our worldview bloody with a hammer, drove off in the Defamer Kia, and left us in a broken pile in the parking garage at The Grove. There's still time for AVP to be a disappointment, right? No? Was it the Alien or the Predator that killed God?"

Ja! Alien vs. Predator är en storsäljare! Det måste betyda att den är bra? Eller hur?