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johan jacobsson

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Amateur Garage Bands From The 60's
Did you have a garage band back in the 60's between 1965 and 1970? With the advent of the British invasion, it seemed like there was a rock and roll band on every block in those days. Tons of kids were buying guitars, amps, and drum kits, loading up old beat up vans or their parents station wagons and heading out to local parties, teen clubs and dances all across America. They were crankin' up their amplifiers and those Fender and Gibson guitars seeking fame and fortune. They were playing songs by groups like the Beatles, Animals, Byrds, Rolling Stones, Electric Prunes and of course, the whole psychedelic thing.Musician/Authors Keith Buckley and Dan Angott are looking for those kids, all grown up now and possibly enduring their own kid's band practice sessions in the basement, to contribute to their web site/book project:

myfirstband.com. Helt otrolig sida. Det är så att jag får tårar i ögonen.
...via MetaFilter.